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If you didn't love the tongue before, this Rechargeable Licking Tongue Vibrator will change your mind. Licking, flicking and deliciously powerful, this Rechargeable Licking Tongue Vibrator will have you buzzing to heavenly highs with its dynamic rhythms and super strong vibrations. Yummy.

"This is my first time buying a sex toy. The tongue is super soft and cleans very well with soap and water. When using it, it hits the right spots nicely. It has so many different vibrations modes and speeds and it feels great. I had an intense orgasm within seconds of using it the licking and vibrating combination at the same time felt amazing! Ladies, if you are a big fan of clitoral orgasms, you can satisfy your need by putting the tongue directly on your clitoris and swirling/moving it around. This provides great satisfaction. Overall, this is well worth the buy, especially if you are a vibrator/sex toy beginner. " said kingyuhan, our valued customer.

Best for oral sex, this lifelike Rechargeable Licking Tongue Vibrator is perfect for precise stimulation, bring you an unprecedented mixed multiple orgasm.We are now holding a super special 85% OFF discounts. What are you still waiting for? Grab a new climaxing experience for ONLY $17.99 via Fapdale today!

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