The 5 Best Sex Positions For G-Spot Orgasms

Named after German gynecologist, Ernst Grafenberg, the G-Spot is thought to be an extension of the clitoris. G-Spot is a small area an inch or two up on the front wall of your vagina.

Certain sex positions lend themselves well to G-Spot play and can even bring on a G-Spot O. Never experienced one and want to give it a go? Here are five positions that can take you there.


Woman on top

You know this classic sex style: Your partner lies on his back, then you lower yourself onto his penis. You're in the driver's seat, taking charge of the depth and pacing. By leaning back a bit while he's inside you, you shift your partner's penis so it rubs against your front vaginal wall with each up and down thrust, setting yourself up for a G-Spot orgasm.


Reverse cowgirl

This is woman on top facing your partner's feet in the other direction—and many women find it a more comfortable way to score G-Spot orgasms. Instead of leaning back, you lean forward, which allows his penis to stroke and stimulate your front vaginal wall. Also, since you're turned away, you won't feel as exposed; that can make it easier to get lost in the sensations you feel. Grab onto your partner's lower legs for leverage as you thrust and adjust your hips just right.


Modified missionary

Lie on your back, propping up your butt with a few fluffy pillows. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the bed. As your partner enters you, he'll be at a higher angle than usual thanks to the pillows. Urge him to tilt his pelvis upward even more, so his penis rubs against your front vaginal wall and G-Spot with each motion. He gets to be in charge of the bumping and grinding, while you can lie back and revel in all the pleasurable G sensations.


Face down

This variation of doggy style is close, comfy, and G-Spot-friendly: Lie face down on the bed with your legs tightly closed. Your partner should straddle you with his legs outstretched, entering you from behind. With your legs pressed together, your vagina will feel snug, and his penis will easily rub against your G-Spot. Rock your hips and make adjustments to direct the pressure where it needs to go.


The scissor

Try this is you're feeling adventurous. While your partner rests on his back, you position yourself on your side or stomach, scissoring your legs together so your bodies meet at the pelvic region, your heads on opposite sides. Scissoring is a fun yet underutilized pose that lets you get creative, and it allows you to experience some pretty incredible G-Spot bliss.


Find your G-Spot & stimulate it, so you can try to achieve a maximize G-Spot orgasm yourself (or with a partner).

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