Vibrators Guide

Vibrators Guide

Masturbation and sexy time are enhanced when using a vibrator! Vibrators come in many forms; some are designed for clit stimulation, others to massage your G-spot, and wands that double as all-over-body massagers! No two vibrators are exactly alike, and sizes vary to find the perfect one for beginners, or experienced toy users.


Choosing The Perfect Vibrator


With all of the options out there, it can be hard to choose the right vibrator for you. Vibrators come in many shapes, sizes and purposes. Do you prefer clit stimulation, G-spot stim, or perhaps dual ended toys for blended pleasure? We’ve put together a guide to help your narrow down what toy to buy, and which ones to try in the future!


Guide To How To Use A Vibrator


Vibrators are a great edition to your masturbation routine or while using with a partner. If you’ve never used one, they can be hard to figure out depending on the type. In this guide, we give you suggestions for the best vibrators to try and our sexpert Angela gives detailed instructions on how to use a vibrator during masturbation to maximize pleasure!


Guide To Beginner Vibrators


If you are looking for your first vibrator, you need something that is easy to use, non-intimidating, and satisfying! You can make your first vibrator experience a good one with the perfect beginner sex toy! Here are 5 vibrators recommended for newbies!


Guide To Clit Stimulators


Most women are more likely to have an orgasm from clitoral stimulation. Luckily, although there are so many out there designed for vaginal stim, there are vibes made just to please your clit. These work by vibrating or pulsating directly on the clit to help bring you to orgasm more easily.


Guide To G-Spot Vibrators


When the G-spot is stimulated correctly, it can be one of the most intense orgasms that a woman can have. This area is can reach orgasm when given continuous stimulation, quickly. It is not nearly as easy to derive pleasure from as the clitoris is. We've put together a guide to help you choose the perfect G-spot vibrator for you, or as a gift for your loved one!


Guide To Wand Massagers

A massage wand can act as your ticket to pleasure, or as a way to rub out the kinks and aches of your muscles! They are so versatile for so many pleasurable things.  So whether you have a magic wand massager already or are contemplating buying one, here are the 5 ways to use your magic massager and which ones we recommend you try.


Guide To Using A Vibrating Bullet


Whether it be teasing a partner, or getting off, a vibrating bullet is a great little tool to add to your toy collection. These little power balls typically come in a slim battery-like shape, or a sphere with a smooth surface. Some come with textured beads or grooves for added stimulation.


Guide To Thrusting Vibrators


Thrusting toys (well, vibrators) are some of the most powerful and interesting of the vibrator family. Most of our thrusting vibrators are dual stimulators, so in addition to the thrusting movements on your G-spot that are already driving you wild, you will feel amazing vibrations against your clitoris! Here is a guide to the best thrusting toys!


Guide To Vibrating Panties


Have you ever heard of a “vibrating panties” – or, better yet, used a pair? Vibrating panties are, well, just as they sound – a small vibe that is designed to go underneath your panties. They used to be sewn into the panties, which was not always very convenient depending on where you wanted the vibrations to hit. Nowadays, panty vibes are more of an elite item, as opposed to the novelty items they once were. Check out the best ones TooTimid has to offer!


Guide To Tongue Vibrators


You don’t always have someone there when you desire oral sex. These vibrators offer a unique shape to that of a tongue, to give you an almost-realistic experience as they tease and tantalize you. Not all are the same; in fact some cock rings can have a feature similar to this for dual penetration on both partners.


Guide To Vibrators For Oral Sex


Do you know that oral sex doesn’t have to be a tongue / fingers only event? You can increase the stimulation by adding in a vibrator or bullet to the action. Vibrators can be used in many ways during foreplay and should be considered as an important part of oral sex as well. If you want to know how oral + vibrators = intense orgasm then read on! check out this guide!

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