Male Toy Guide

Choosing the right toy and learning how to use them can be difficult enough and we want to make it smooth sailing. Check out the wide variety of options available from realistic masturbators to vibrating penis pumps for pleasure and bettering your sexual health.


Guide To Beginner Sex Toys For Men


If you haven’t had the opportunity to try a sex toy, then the time is now. You can choose from a realistic masturbator, a snug cock ring, or even a penis pump for those wanting to try. A lot of these toys come with size adjustments to find your perfect fit. Check out our guide that outlines the best male sex toys to use if you’re a beginner! 


Guide To The Best Strokers For Him


These fantastic strokers will keep him company wherever he may roam, and keep him happy every time he needs to blow his load! There are so many toys are out there for women, isn't it time he gets a special present? These sensual strokers offer new sensations, and can help build his sexual stamina! Now that's a gift you both can enjoy!


Guide To Vibrating Masturbators


When it comes to men’s toys, the most popular out there are realistic masturbators. These toys typically have a smooth and textured tunnel that massages your shaft as you stroke it. It doesn’t stop there; mimic the real sensations of a woman with a vibrating masturbator. Whether it be from inserting a bullet, or pulsating suction of the inner walls, you will love the sensations from these male masturbation toys! 

The Best Penis Pumps And How To Use Them


Penis enlargement pumps are devices you can use during masturbation for pleasure or to temporarily gain size and firth before a session with your partner. There are different sizes, material types of pumps to choose from. This is definitely not a one size fits all kind of thing, so take the time to pick the right one for you. Here is a definitive guide of the best methods of how to use penis pumps. 


Guide To Prostate Massagers For Beginners


The P-spot is one of the most sensitive areas on a man when stimulated enough, and correctly. Prostate stimulators, or prostate toys are a great alternative to your fingers, as they are made with material intended to give you the most comfortable experience possible. Check out our guide to the best prostate stimulating toys for beginners.

The Best Toys For Men With Low Sexual Stamina


There are a variety of sexual enhancement products for men AND many of them can help you to increase your stamina in bed! From creams, to penis pumps and masturbators galore! So what is stopping you? Look at these 5 toys that you can use for fun and for increasing your sexual stamina!


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