Bow-knot Bell Nipple Clamps

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Show off your love dumplings in ladylike style with these lovely Bow-knot Bell Nipple Clamps via Fapdale. Perfect for newbies thanks to their slide-to-fit design and PVC-coated tips, pinch them in place to enjoy nipple arousal and visual thrills.

To get the most from your Bow-knot Bell Nipple Clamps, attach to the nipples or use one on your clitoris by placing the tweezer-style tips either side of your pleasure point and slowly sliding the lose ring up its length. The higher you slide, the tighter the pinch.

Stop when you're happy with the level of squeeze and enjoy increased blood flow and heightened sensitivity in that area. During wear, try tugging on each clamp to intensify sensations, or remove them before caressing the area with a vibrator or slippery finger to experience extra-climactic bliss.


Key Features:

  • Tweezer-style nipple clamps for sensational nipple or clitoral stimulation
  • Slide-to-fit design is easy to use and offers tailorable play for all experience levels
  • PVC-coated tips offer extra comfort during wear
  • Lightweight, dangling Bow-knot Bell pendants decorate your sex life


Product Specifications

Nipple Clamps Length: 2.36 inches

Material: Metal & PVC

Color: Purple, White

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

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