Mystery Box - PlatinumBox

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  • Random Vibrator x1
  • Random Anal Toy x1
  • Random Dildo x1
  • Random Nipple Toy x1
  • Lubricant x1
  • Sex Toy Cleaner x1


Sex toys PlatinumBox just for you! With the purchase of this Mystery Box - PlatinumBox you will receive various objects related to pleasure. Enjoy and have a good time in company or alone with this Mystery Box - PlatinumBox.

Do you like surprises? The heart beating moments just before you open the Mystery Box - PlatinumBox to revel the beautiful hidden treasures inside.

It is a bit like Christmas, but with sex toys. You don’t know exactly what is going to be inside but you know they will be our beautiful, unique, body-safe toys.

If you want to grab yourself some of our best sex toys at a discount price and are happy to be surprised, buy this Mystery Box - PlatinumBox via Fapdale today!

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