Rechargeable Male Vibrator


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Not content with massaging your meat flute with dozens of sensational nodules, this amazing Rechargeable Male Vibrator also sends waves of vibrations down your entire length for pleasure you can't measure. All you need is a little lube and a long, free evening...

Many men reduce the sensitivity of the glans by stimulating the glans to increase their sexual function. The glans training needs to be gradual. That is, from low stimulation to high stimulation. This Rechargeable Male Vibrator has 9 different kinds of vibrations, allowing you to go from beginner to expert.

Why not experiment and try flipping the Rechargeable Male Vibrator inside out? Use it to experience soft horizontal ridges caressing your entire length. Alternatively, stimulate other sensitive areas of your body, such as the scrotum, perineum and nipples.


Product Specifications

Length: 5.68 inches

Width: 1.57 inches 

Material: Silicone

Color: Black

Power Source: Rechargeable

Motor: 9 Speed Vibration

Waterproof: Yes

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