Elephant Condom Prolong 3PCs

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Holding An Elephant, Makes Waves. Elephant Condom Prolong uses unique top part thickened technology to achieve delay effect. More long lasting, more healthy, more sexual experience. Do not rely on medication, training yourself durable.

"Long Battle" just like losing weight, how can taking medicine? Medication anesthesia extremely lead to dependence. Elephant Condom Prolong with physical long lasting technology which is different from traditional thickened physical, Prolong lasting only thicken on top area. Other area remain thinness 0.03. Become more longer while sexual.

Elephant Condom's new butter box design lets the speed boost up 5-10 times, in the darkness, recognize the right side, quick fixed. Open with one hand and liberate the other hand. Give her more caress and excitement.

How does the future condom looks like? We are exploring. Is it like no? Or bring us a new feeling? Touches the real freedom with Elephant Condom Prolong 3PCs via Fapdale today!


Key Features:

  • Physical Delay
  • No Benzocaine
  • No side effects
  • One-handed Open


Product Specifications

Product Name: Prolong

Shelf Life: 5 Years

Specification: 3PCs

Material Composition: Natural Latex

Width: 52±2mm

Length: 180±5mm

Thickness: Ultrathin 0.03mm

Fragrance: Fragrance-free

Colour: Primary Color

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