Fur Tail Nipple Clamps

Color: Gold
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Feel foxy with these Fur Tail Nipple Clamps. Nip your nipples for a provocative pinching and the erotic pleasure only nipple clamps can provide. Swish that sexy tail for mind-blowing pleasure.

Whether you're a keen cosplayer, a fluffy fetish exhibitionist, or simply fancy something a little different for your sex toy box, these Fur Tail Nipple Clamps are perfect for you. Just place your buds between soft PVC tips. Stick with a slight squeezing sensation, or adjust the slider to feel an intensely erotic pinch! Or try one out on your clit for really naughty fun!

Ready to don your Fur Tail Nipple Clamps? Start by gently rubbing, pinching, or massaging your nipples until they’re erect. Now grab one of your nipple clamps. Move the slider toward the fur tail to loosen the clamp. Position your nipple between the PVC tips. Keep your clamp there, or slowly move the slider upward to tighten the clamp to your desired level of stimulation. Release at any time by moving the slider back down.

Let the weights swing as you wear your Fur Tail Nipple Clamps with your favorite g-string and heels, or your hottest garter belt. You can also make it part of kinky bedroom games. Party is on!


Product Specifications

Full Length: 11.81 inches

Material: Metal & PVC

Color: Gold & Silver

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

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