Política de privacidad


Your privacy is Protected.
When you make a purchase from fapdale.com, you provide us with personal information such as your name, address, phone number, credit card information, email address, and an order. We keep a record of this information which is covered by our privacy policy and is held in the strictest of confidence. All information submitted via our website is secure and private. From the time you visit our site until the package arrives at your door, and even afterwards, your entire transaction will be completed discretely and privately.

Your Information Is Only Used When Necessary
When you place an order with Fapdale , we ask you to provide us with various types of information. These are used to verify credit card ownership and process your order. We do not sell your information to any third parties.

Your Name and Billing Address
This information is collected in order to verify that the person placing the order is the person who owns the credit card. This process is performed by an address verification system which uses the numeric value of your street address and your zip code. These two numbers are entered into the system and verified against the address where your credit card bill is sent. We do not send out marketing materials via postal mail, and you will never receive anything at this address unless it is also your shipping address where you would like to send your order.

Your Shipping Address
Your order will arrive at this address. It can be the same as your billing address.

Your Email Address
Your email address is used to send order-related emails such as order updates and confirmations, online shipping confirmations, and customer service inquiries.

Your Phone Number
Orders are delivered by USPS or UPS. If you opt to ship UPS, UPS requires a recipient contact number. You may be contacted by phone in case we need to reach you about your order in the event that there is a delay in manufacturing or shipping your order. Additionally, our customers do not always have access to email, and a phone number is used as an alternate method of communication. When it is necessary to contact our customers regarding their order, we try to provide email correspondence as often as possible. However, on occasion, phone contact is the easiest method. We will not solicit you or call for any reason other than in regards to your order.

Your Credit Card Information
We require your credit card number, expiration date, and security code in order to process your transaction. Your card is charged only after the order is shipped. We do not store this information in our system.

Your Age
We ask you to confirm that you are 18 or older to order products from our website. We do not sell our products to minors.

We Protect Your Privacy
At Fapdale , we take great care in safeguarding your privacy by offering discrete packaging and billing. When you submit your information to us, it is encrypted and secure, and you will not receive any promotional materials from us if you do not wish to receive them.

Discrete Packaging
We ship all of our packages in nondescript cardboard boxes that are sealed with reinforced tape.

If you use a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, your credit card statement will show a charge from “SP International".

When you make a purchase with Fapdale, you are required to provide your email address. This allows us to contact you with order updates and confirmations, online shipping confirmations, and customer service inquiries. Below the email address line in the order form you will notice the option to receive the FapdaleNewsletter is automatically selected. The FapdaleNewsletter provides you with information on sales, special offers, weekly promotional events, exclusive email discounts, and new products for sale. To opt-out of the Fapdale Newsletter, simply uncheck the box. If you do elect to subscribe to our newsletter, please know that it is 100% US CAN-Spam compliant and you may unsubscribe or change your subscription preferences at any time.

Fapdale is secured with Shopify . When you make a purchase with Fapdale , you can be assured that your information is safe and secure.