On the hunt for the best sex toys for women?

Best Womens Sex toy

What kind of sex toys are suitable for women? Whether you are using a sex toy to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner, or you like to add a little zing to your g spot during your alone time, the wide variety of options for women is plentiful. There’s definitely something for everyone, regardless of your tastes or personal preferences.

Many women go for a standard vibrator, but you can get as creative as you want to when you’re searching for a fun, flirty product. If you’re easing into the exciting world of anal play, you can get adventurous with an anal  vibrator, or try out a small butt plug as you work up to the size that you crave.

How to Use Female Sex Toys

Keep it clean - With the reminder to remember the lube, it also brings to mind keeping your toys clean. While lubricants may be sensual and even provide comfort and safety, you also don’t want to let them “gunk up” on any of your new little pals, especially if you’re using them with a partner. Additionally, the bad news is that anytime you insert something inside of you that isn’t clean, you run a big risk of getting an infection. You don’t want to be on the sideline for a while, so be sure to use soap and warm water to keep it clean! When you’re cleaning toys with electronic parts, be sure not to submerge them, or you may be looking for a new vibrator.

Take it slow - Remember that getting off is not a race, so take it slow when you’re trying out a new toy, especially large dildos, where you’ll want to give your body time to adjust to its size. The same goes for double-ended dildos, especially if anal exploration is something new. Additionally, if you’re going from a vibrator that’s lost some of its juice to a super-powerful option, give your private parts a little time to adjust, and start with a lower speed first.

Choosing the Best Female Sex Toys

Now that you know the best and safest ways to use the toys that you’re longing to incorporate into the bedroom, the adventure can truly begin. Half of the fun is shopping for what turns you on the most, and it’s often a good idea to try out a few different products. Don’t get discouraged if a particular toy isn’t for you, because there are literally thousands on the market from which to choose. You know that excitement that you felt on a first date? Well, using a sex toy for the first time can also bring that same exhilaration! Here are a few places to start.

Clitoral Vibrators

Wow. We can’t emphasize enough how much fun a clitoral vibrator can be. If you’ve never tried it before, put it on your to-do list. Vibrators come in many different sizes and power, and the right clit vibrator will knock your socks off. Check out vibrators for solo or partner play and see what all the fuss is about.

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Dildos are really for everybody, but there are some dildos made specifically with women in mind. These delectable toys can offer you the ride of your life. Some are realistic, while others are more playful, and if you’re really looking for something special, consider a dildo that vibrates. If you’re new to Dildos , you may want to consider starting with slimmer models and working your way up to the larger, more intense sizes.

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Ben Wa Balls

Kegel and Ben Wa Balls improve your sexual health and strengthen your pelvic floor. This leads to more intense, full-body orgasms, improves bladder control, and helps tighten vaginal walls (especially after giving birth). Add a Kegel Ball to your workout routine for a little extra dose of pleasure!

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Rechargeable Vibrators

One of the downsides to vibrator is that they take a lot of battery power. True, those batteries go to a very good cause, but if you’re eco-conscious, you may be looking for a different solution. Look no further, because we’ve got rechargeable vibrators. You can play with these toys over and over again without needing to invest in new batteries when the power starts to run out.

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Female Anal Toys

Luckily for all of us, there are anal toys that are made for women and men. There are many anal toys that are perfect for women, no matter if you’re experienced or brand new to anal play. Novices should consider kits and smaller toys, while experienced practitioners can get into the bigger toys for even more fun.

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