Everything You Need To Know About The A-Spot

Contrary to belief, the G-Spot isn’t the only way to achieve an orgasm during intercourse. Let us introduce to you, with much enthusiasm, the A-Spot.


What is the 'A-Spot'?

The A-Spot is an internal pleasure spot found deep inside the vagina. The A-Spot is beyond the G-Spot, just above the cervix, and you can find it right at the end of the vagina (think 4-6 inches back), between the cervix and the bladder.

The A-Spot feels spongy to the touch and is quite a lot larger than the G-Spot. So much so, some sexperts refer to it as an A-Zone. The beauty of this area is even people who have never orgasmed through penetration can reach the finish line through A-Spot stimulation.

Only 11% of women have discovered this zone, which is quite honestly, a shame. We have zones, people, let’s find ’em and awaken ’em!


How do you stimulate the A-Spot?

To begin, like any type of foreplay, trim your nails and insert a clean and lubricated finger into the deepest point in your vagina. Once you locate a round and firm area in the vagina, you know you have reached the cervix. Move your finger, gently, over this area like a windshield wiper.

Since the A-Spot is located at the back of the vagina, fingers or anal sex can trigger this zone. But don’t worry, a long penis isn’t necessary in accessing the A-Spot. A vagina’s average length is less than 3 inches, making it possible to reach in various positions with penetration.

With the A-Spot, the key to orgasm isn’t touch, it’s pressure and movement. Unlike the G-Spot, which incorporates the “come here” motion, the A-Spot doesn’t respond to this movement because it applies too much pressure to the area.

The A-Spot can also be found during anal sex. The indirect stimulation between the vagina and the rectum can trigger the back side where the A-Spot is located. If you fancy discovering your A-Spot with your partner, positions which allow for deep penetration are the way to go.


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