You And Your Lover Need Sex Toys

Reasons You And Your Lover Need Sex Toys


“if I have a partner, why a sex toy?”  Still others want to know why their WIFE or female partner needs a toy if she has “the real thing.”  If any of these situations ring true for you then read on and see exactly why I believe EVERY person, and more importantly, EVERY COUPLE should have at least one sex toy if not many, many more!  


Let me begin by saying: sex toys or intimate products are NEVER a replacement but ALWAYS an enhancement.  


Why do I say this?  Well, there is a certain intimacy that occurs when couples use sex toys together.  Notice, I wrote “intimacy” – yes, sexual enhancement products can make a couple more intimate.  Intimacy comes when a couple truly shares in one another’s fantasies, desires and sexual needs.  Intimacy comes when both persons in a relationship can admit their desires and the other is receptive. Intimacy comes when there is a non-judgmental attitude when it comes to sex.  Intimacy comes when two people are as close mentally, emotionally and physically as possible.


 To get that you have to let it all be exposed and this includes becoming vulnerable to the other person when sex is concerned. Well, how can sex toys do this?  In many ways actually.


1.When a woman uses a sex toy – let’s say a bullet – she can oftentimes orgasm more easily or more times than if she did not use a toy.


 She may fake orgasms, she may neglect to care about her own pleasure, or she may not allow her partner to assist her in her pleasure.  How can THIS be intimacy?  Honestly, it can’t.  There is more to sex than just being inserted in each other.  Orgasms fulfill the physiological need that people have.  For many women, sex toys can be the key that unlocks that possibility.


2.Sex toys allow both partners to fulfill fantasies.


 For example, if a man has a need for a threesome – or it is his ultimate fantasy.  If his partner is unreceptive to this fantasy it does not mean that the fantasy goes away as soon as she says “no,” contrarily, it is always there and may become more prominent.  Now, does this mean that the woman should succumb to this fantasy?  No.  However, if this couple were to role play using a realistic vagina for example, then this fantasy might come true for the man within the safety of their own partnership confines.


3.Using sex toys can allow a woman to completely “let go” of her sexual responses.  


Many women do not orgasm from sex alone – they need that clitoral stimulation.  When a woman allows herself to use a toy for that stimulation she can train her body to orgasm quicker and more intensely than if she had not used a toy.  This can lead to easier orgasms during sex and even multiple orgasms.  While toy use is not a guarantee of success with regard to orgasmic rate, it is a step in the right direction.

 4.When a man accepts his partner’s use of sex toys it shows her that

(1) he is not intimidated by a toy and

(2) that he genuinely cares about his partner’s pleasure.  

Men who are comfortable with sex toy use have very intimate relationships with their partners.  Furthermore, most men love to watch their partner use a toy (either masturbation or during sex) and it can be a real jumpstart to a relationship.


5.When a woman allows her man into her private world of toy use she is also showing him that she still needs him and the toy is enhancement.  


IF she was to sneak around, hide her toys and not allow him to be privy to this part of her sexual life, then she would not be honest and therefore completely intimate with her partner.  By allowing him to watch or participate in the toy use brings it all out in the open.  Not only can he observe his partner having wonderful pleasure, but he becomes a part of that instead of separate from it.  Again, intimacy at play.


6.If a man has erectile dysfunction of some sort he may want to introduce his lover to sex toys to help him.


 Cock rings, masturbators, firmness creams or penis pumps can all help many men with ED issues.  If the man is upfront and honest about his difficulties and presents some solutions to his partner, he is being honest and open and trying to “fix” what may be not going well in his sex life, there again is intimacy!

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