3-Head Adjustable Nipple Clamps

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3-Head Adjustable Nipple Clamps fetish nipple teasers, apply to your nipples, clit or anythere you want to tease and torment. They're gender-neutral and offer pinching pleasure followed by enhanced sensitivity. You can indulge in a little or a lot of nipple-stimulating excitement.

This 3-Head Adjustable Nipple Clamps allow you to customise the amount of pressure you like. Just place your buds between soft rubber tips, stick with a slight squeezing sensation, or adjust the screw pin to feel an intensely erotic pinch! Hint: try one out on your clit for really naughty fun!

For the best results, add a drop of water-based lube to your nipples before play. Wear your 3-Head Adjustable Nipple Clamps for up to 30 minutes and, once removed, follow up with tickles, licks, strokes and flicks to take advantage of their newly responsive nature.


Key Features:

  • Comfortable & No-Slip Rubber Nipple Clamps - Rubber tips offers gentle, hypoallergenic pinching, no-worries scratch your skin, super soft and give a nice sensation
  • Adjustable Screws & Fits All Size - Comes with tightness of clamps can be adjusted, suitable for all levels of nipple and clit play, good for beginners and the experienced alike


Product Specifications

Nipple Clamps Chain Length: About 9.45 inches

Clitoris Clamps Chain Length: About 13 inches

Material: Metal + Rubber

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Waterproof: Yes

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